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We are a professional maritime engineering and consulting company, offering diverse services to our clients. We are experts in ship husbandry and undertake all types of repairs, maintenance, and general upkeep. We specialize in synthetic rope and mooring line maintenance, repair, installation, and inspections. Please view the services we offer:


Inspections are a key component of maintenance and potential hazard mitigation. Inspect often and keep injuries, lost time and malfunctions at bay with routine inspections and annual inspections. Here at Swordfish Diving, we have 3 types of Inspections: Type I, II & III, where III is the full in-depth inspection and type I is the rapid assessment.

Topside And Underwater Construction

Mooring Reviews

Our Working Process


We offer a consultation package where we acquire all project requirements and propose a working process to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.


One of the most important aspects of overseeing and completing a project is to understand the site specific hazards and the composition of the environment in which we will be undertaking these tasks. This is also the component we use to make sure we have all regional, state, federal and international permitting vetted and completed.


This is the 2nd most exciting part of the entire project where boots on the ground meet tools and materials. Whether it is the first bucket on the excavator or the first diver in the water, breaking ground is always unforgettable.


Safety of our contractors, engineers and third party team members is always first priority. Recordable safety meetings and milestone meetings are necessary to complete and maintain our industry leading safety policies. Each milestone or challenge undertaken always requires a working audit. Audits keep our industry from becoming complacent which maintains craftsmanship & safety.


This is the last step before wrapping up a project and giving it the green light. At Swordfish Diving we have one last Audit which incorporates all the milestones and processes completed. We offer a virtual walkthrough of a project demonstrating what we have accomplished.6-Project Completion


The project has been completed and signed off by all agencies.

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·Scuba Diving since 2002
-Open Water, Search and Rescue, Tech Diving, Mixed Gas
·Hard Hat Diving since 2007
-ADC & IMCA, EMT / DMT / CHT, Saturation, UW welding
·Rigging, Splicing, Inspection, NDT