Swordfish Diving LLC is a trusted and reliable business partner offering a comprehensive range of maritime, engineering, and consulting services.

Hull Inspection in Seattle

Swordfish Diving, LLC is a trusted and reliable business partner that offers a comprehensive range of maritime, engineering, and consulting services. We offer over a decade of experience in the industry, providing custom diving and engineering solutions across a range of different industries and sectors. Our team is highly-experienced in oil and gas projects, working with leading companies in Seattle and around the world on the development of cutting-edge technologies and systems. We specialize in structural and mechanical engineering of offshore platforms and drilling projects. Swordfish Diving, LLC is also a leading provider of divers and engineering services for subsea construction. From large projects to repairs in Seattle or across the globe, we offer a comprehensive range of customized services.

Commercial Diving Services

As a leading provider of commercial diving services, Swordfish Diving, LLC is here to complete the tasks you need to meet your specific schedules. This includes inspections of vessels, equipment, and subsea construction in Seattle, or at your location. Our goal is to provide timely inspections on an annual basis to help reduce the risk of failure in components, while also providing early detection of potential, hazardous, or upcoming repair needs. We offer three different levels of inspection, including Type lll full-detailed inspection, Type ll in-depth inspection, and Type l rapid inspection. Our diving services in Seattle also provide complete ship husbandry. This allows our divers and teams to complete hull inspections, manage any required repairs, perform basic or advanced levels of maintenance, and complete any necessary repairs. In addition to commercial diving services, Swordfish Diving, LLC also provides underwater and topside construction services. These are designed with safety as the primary element, ensuring all aspects of the construction meet or exceed the applicable safety standards from various governing bodies. As part of our services, we develop specialized mooring systems and complete mooring reviews. As the leading mooring company in the Seattle area, we are the professionals to trust with this critical element of any vessel.

Success through Efficiency

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted business partner that offers a host of services like commercial diving, hard hat diving, engineering, and consulting, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Swordfish Diving LLC is a leading maritime shipping support company that provides custom engineering solutions. We have over 13 years of hands-on experience in the industry, and make sure to offer the best engineering services while keeping our contractors’ and technicians’ safety in mind


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We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.


Topside And Underwater Construction

Mooring Reviews


Our Mission is to complete each project safely, within the projected budget, and contributing to the technological advancement of our industry.

What makes us different?

Anyone can perform welding and engineering tasks on an open surface, but doing the same underwater requires superior technical understanding as well as the skill to reduce long-term risks of atmospheric-based incidents and failures. Delivery of the highest quality finished products is our priority. We understand the value of time invested in a maritime project.

Most maritime companies that offer similar services don’t have a perfect safety record; even the slightest negligence on-board can cause huge losses, that might end up risking the lives of on-site workers. Swordfish Diving LLC is passionate not only about our customers’ satisfaction but also about keeping our front-line workers, site supervisors, and engineers perfectly safe. We aim to deliver superior services with a perfect safety record. We offer complete Hard Hat Diving kits that stay within our clients’ budgets so that we can foster long-term relationships.


Qualified Expert

We have over 13 years of hands-on experience in the industry, and make sure to offer the best engineering services while keeping our contractors’ and technicians’ safety in mind.

topside and underwater construction

At Swordfish Diving, we can do everything from underwater retaining walls and fully submersible structures to underwater welding components and dynamic underwater ops. Underwater engineering requires technical knowledge as well as specific skills to mitigate long-term risks of failures and incidents. We also have the same skill topside with rigging, welding, and project development.


We carry out all types of rigging and off-shore plant inspections to determine the level of maintenance, repair, and engineering work required.

Mooring Reviews

We conduct an in-depth inspection with vessel specific analysis of your fleets mooring systems. We also provide straightforward reporting processes which help keep your fleets maintenance program efficient for smoothing mooring status identification. Our experts will assist in streamlining maintenance plans and repair documentation, breaking down each step to keep turn-around time and repair costs to a minimum.

Project Completion

Swordfish Diving provides elite services to our clients, completing each project on time and under budget with safety as a primary goal.

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·Scuba Diving since 2003 - Current
-Padi Open Water, Padi Advanced Open Water, Padi Rescue, Padi Master, Padi Wreck, Padi Enriched Air, ACDE Commercial Diver, Hazwopper / Hazmat
·Hard Hat Diving since 2006 - Current
-ADC & IMCA, EMT / DMT / CHT, Saturation, UW welding
·Working Dives 4 LogBooks -
1 Damaged and Recovered in 2 SAT Trips - 60 days total - Two 30 day lock ins